How To Make A Cat Tree
Make A Cat Tree Or Buy One?
What Every Cat Owner Should Know

Have you been searching lately for the perfect cat tree to make your favorite feline the happiest and healthiest kitty on the block?

If you have, you’ve probably noticed cat trees aren’t exactly cheap. In fact, some are rather outrageous.

Learning how to make a cat tree yourself can keep you from shelling out hundreds of dollars. And it’s not as difficult as it might sound.

Why Make A Cat Tree?

The most obvious advantage to building your own cat tree instead of buying one is cost. With most cat trees ranging between $100 and $300, building your own can keep a substantial amount of money in your pocket.

The most obvious disadvantage is you’ll have to put a little bit of your own time and effort into the project.

However, don’t worry. The good news is you can turn it into a simple day project with the right set of cat tree plans.

Making a cat tree not only saves you money, but also helps satisfy your cat’s needs to sleep, play, and scratch. It creates a comfortable place your kitty can call home and helps protect your furniture from the wrath of kitty claws by providing an outlet for scratching.

A cat tree doesn’t have to be a simple perch. With a little creativity, you can create an entire “kitty jungle gym” or “kitty theme park” complete with ramps, bridges, tunnels, toys, scratching posts, peep holes, platforms, dens, acrobatic high wire acts, and more.

If you have a playful kitten, use the cat tree you build to keep her from getting bored. On the other hand, an adult cat may just prefer a high-up perch where she can lounge and view the world from above.

When you build your own cat tree, you can match it to your own kitty’s unique personality. No one knows your cat as well as you do, and that alone is a perfect reason to do it yourself.

You can even make it a fun family project and let your kids help design the cat tree. Your cat will feel loved and better yet…spoiled.

Build Your Own Cat Tree

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