Let’s face it.  Your cat is part of the family.  She deserves the happiest and healthiest life you can give her.

An excellent way to keep your favorite feline healthy and happy is to give her a cat tree she can play, scratch, and lounge around on.

However, there’s a real problem with cat trees.  They aren’t cheap.

If you take a look around, you’ll quickly see cat trees can range from $75 to over $300.  However, if you don’t want to shell out hundreds of dollars, there’s a better solution…

Learn how to make a cat tree yourself!

Building your own cat tree can keep a substantial amount of money in your pocket.  It’s not as difficult as it might sound, and it’s a lot of fun too.

The major drawback is you’ll have to invest a little bit of your own time and effort into the project.  With the right set of cat tree plans, you can turn it into a simple weekend project.

Just be warned, once you start building, you may not want to stop when you realize the endless possibilities you have to create the perfect kitty funland.

When you make a cat tree, you can match it to your own cat’s unique personality.  And no one knows your cat better than you.

If you have a playful kitten, you can add lots of cat toys to the design to keep your cat from getting bored.  If you have an older cat, you can add ramps or stairs to make the cat tree easier to access.  Add extra support for a heavier cat.

When you build a cat tree yourself, you can create exactly what you…and your kitty…want!

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