“If You Want To Save Money And Learn How To Make A Cat Tree Your Kitty Will Love Easily And Affordably, There’s Something I’d Like To Show You!”

Hi! I’m glad you’re here.

How To Build A Cat TreeMaybe you’re here because building a cat tree is part of your “hunny do” list or maybe you’re just the person your neighbors refer to as the “crazy cat lady”.

Regardless, I want to show you how to make a cat tree easily and affordably using step-by-step cat tree plans.

I’m sure your cat will feel spoiled with its new, homemade playground. And you’ll get the satisfaction of a job well done.

A quick search for cat trees through Google yielded results ranging from $97 up to $350 dollars. OUCH!

If you love your cats as much as I love my domestic shorthair, Sage, then you know your cat deserves to be spoiled for all the joy he/she brings to your life.

But let’s face it. The price of some cat trees is simply outrageous.

To help you save time, I’ve already done the research, and I’ll help you learn how to make a cat tree for much less. (And, best of all, your cat won’t even know the difference!)

My searches for free cat tree plans generally ended in frustration. Most plans seemed less than impressive and were either missing instructions, lacked necessary details, or were too confusing to understand.

I also found many free cat tree designs lacked the sturdy construction required to accommodate adult cats and larger breeds such as the Maine Coon.

Being frustrated with the free options I found, I started to look for an extremely low cost solution…and I found one.

Best Cat Trees offers professional cat tree plans direct from the manufacturer. You can choose from 11 different cat tree designs or modify them to create your own.

With a full 90 pages and over 250 pictures and diagrams showing step-by-step detail, you can easily save time and money with these do it yourself cat tree instructions.

By building your own cat tree using these plans, you’ll enjoy all of the following:

  • Save time and money creating a fun playground for your cat.
  • Get access to complete material lists so you know EXACTLY what you need to build your own cat tree.

  • Get buying tips so you can save even more when you purchase your materials.
  • Detailed step-by-step building plans so you can build it yourself or make it a fun family project.

  • Assembly options so you can customize your cat tree to make it truly unique.
  • The assurance you’re creating a fun environment for your cat to play and exercise in so it maintains a healthy lifestyle.

Making your own cat tree is easier and cheaper than you think. And, it can be a lot of fun too.

Once you understand the concepts and techniques behind building a cat tree, you can let your imagination run wild.

How about a “kitty theme park” or maybe a “kitty jungle gym”.

You can decide how simple or complex you want to build it, all for a small fraction of the cost required to buy similar cat trees online or from the local pet store.

I hope this helps!

Have fun and be creative,

Derek and Sage

Derek (And Sage)

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